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Episode 1:
Wang Xingyao, Kyowa Hakko Kirin China

The Chinese pharmaceutical industry is growing faster and faster, and the bio-pharma sector, while now the third largest in the world, still only accounts for 10% of the overall Chinese pharmaceutical market. There are huge opportunities for further growth but we must focus on extending our position through increased sales and market share with our two main products, while also enhancing our development of new drugs, in order to thrive amidst a tough competitive environment with downward pressure on prices.

Experts point out that competition in China is intense and that the market will be strongly affected by the government policies. In this environment we should steadily supply high quality products to the market and constantly contribute to healthcare of the society, while consciously complying with the applicable laws and regulations, advocating fair trade, and completely prohibiting any bribery or corruption in business transactions, so as to maintain the outstanding image of Kyowa Hakko Kirin China (KKCN).

The dynamic environment within KKCN where we tackle new projects and new challenges every day requires us to continuously update our knowledge and think actively to find solutions, communicating and collaborating with colleagues and partners to create new value for our company.

Long-term cultivation of human resources is a key factor in achieving our goal to become a leading global specialty pharmaceutical company, and KKCN staff frequently have the opportunity to travel to Kyowa Hakko Kirin (KHK) for training courses. One of the staff in my department participated in training in Japan for several months last year, and the valuable development of her attitude was evident after her return, exerting a really positive effect on other members of the team. Several years ago I myself took part in the KHK Global Executive Program (GEP) in Tokyo for one year - a kind of mini-MBA - which was tremendously useful for my current work. After taking part in training in Japan, colleagues share their knowledge and experiences within KKCN when they return, so the benefits are truly far-reaching.

I clearly remember one challenge that really brought home to me the importance of our mission to contribute to the health and wealth of the Chinese people, through which we make our contribution to society. Around the end of 2011, one of our products which is indispensable to the patients experienced a shortage in China. On the project team formed to deal with the situation I was in charge of handling the external affairs, including press, journalists, patients, and so on. We handled a large volume of calls from patients and hospitals who felt anxious, to reassure them that we were doing everything that we could in order to address the problem managed, while working around the clock to find a solution. This really left a strong impression on me of the value of our work.

The responsibilities of the Planning Office are broad, and include drafting and moving forward the company's plans, meaning that every year we must organize every department and help the company make the plan for the next year, and then push the plan forward in order to achieve it. Our department also manages the annual budget, deals with external affairs, manages board meetings and other important meetings, as well as managing certain new projects and new business. With so many activities going on at the same time, I must ensure that I have very good communication with each member of the group, as well as effective communication with other departments and colleagues, to keep everything on track.

KKCN has also developed strategic cooperation with business partners in different areas, based on a win-win strategy. As a team leader for some of these projects, I have to take a very active approach, ensuring regular communication with our partners to push the project forward, as well as with the leadership at KKCN and with KHK head office.

As the "Commitment to Life" states, "Be brave; do not shy away from challenges. Have passion; break away from the norm." I particularly like this phrase - it is very motivational, encouraging people to be passionate and brave, to confront challenges and actively find solutions. Faith and ideals provide the motivation to drive people forward. People need to be encouraged both in work and in life, particularly by their organization's philosophy, in order to maintain their positive energy and enthusiasm. If everybody makes some progress every day, with several thousands of employees applying their hardworking and creativity on a daily basis, our company has enormous potential. "Commitment to Life" at the heart of each KHK employee will contribute to our healthcare business.

We are in a great position, with the advantage of a clear orientation and focus, and we must capitalize upon it in the years ahead. As a strong team, together we can make a huge impact in the Chinese market.

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