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Episode 2:
Vivian Lai, Kyowa Hakko Kirin Taiwan

My inspiration to become a medical representative came through learning from a friend about how useful this role is in supporting doctors to do their job effectively, contributing to the lives of many patients. My position allows me to apply my personal strengths of self-confidence, compassion and enthusiasm for the field of medicine, and I gain a sense of achievement from enabling patients to gain remission to extend their lives. Everything that I can realize through my personal contribution I believe contributes to our overall vision as a company.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin Taiwan (KKTW) has built a strong foundation in the fields of cancer and kidney treatment, with powerful products and excellent relationships with related physicians, allowing us to bring newly launched products to the market quickly. Our products are quite unique, and are relied on by many patients to help them through their course of chemotherapy and to complete the course on time. Based on positive response from patients, doctors can feel confident to help more patients with the product, and they also share information on their experiences of good patient response through international conferences. This is the most effective form of knowledge sharing to countries that have not yet launched our products, so they can know that KHK has such highly effective products. When doctors return to their countries they can then try to convince their governments to import the products to their country. I believe that this word of mouth marketing from doctors will help KHK to achieve our vision to be a leading Global Specialty Pharmaceutical Company. We may not be the biggest pharmaceutical firm, but we have the best relationship with doctors. They are like family to us.

For KKTW to continue to develop its strength in the market, we must continue to offer advanced pharmaceutical products adapted to the unique situation in Taiwan and government healthcare budget constraints, to ensure that patients and healthcare providers are able to gain access to pharmaceutical products of benefit to them. By providing higher quality products and information for doctors we can reduce the impact on price competition. We need to emphasize the quality and effectiveness of our products that we have been providing to the market for over 20 years, and stress that the patient’s life is the most important factor, rather than a focus only on cost. We can also stress that through the use of our products other costs, such as hospitalization and antibiotic usage, can be reduced. Often the criteria for health insurance coverage are extremely strict, with the indication limited to a very narrow area. It can be difficult for us, knowing that our products are very helpful for patients, but that due to these limitations they may not have access to them. I would be really happy if we could get our products to reach more of the patients in need of them. Ultimately I hope that the healthcare system in Taiwan will be improved through better monitoring the usage of medical resources, reducing wasteful use so that the limited resources can be channeled to patients who really need them.

In our "Commitment to Life" there is the passage, "Don’t just make medicine. Make people smile, bring light to their lives." Since I began working in KKTW, I have seen thousands of examples of patients and their families who have suddenly found their lives plunged into a kind of helplessness. I believe that a pharmaceutical company has the social responsibility to bring them hope. We have to continue to make medicines to help people to recover safely from disease. At the same time we have a duty to achieve a balance in generating the income that allows the company to continue to grow and prosper so that our activities can continue to provide benefit to the society long into the future.

For the future, I believe we have an excellent opportunity to lead the market with our products for immunology and monoclonal antibodies, which means we can provide better treatment for patients. At the same time I continue to strive every day to be a better medical representative, increasing my overall medical knowledge, and providing doctors with the latest information even more quickly, building the strong relationships that deepen the image of KKTW as an "international, professional pharmaceutical company".

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