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June 1, 2011

Ferring and Kyowa Hakko Kirin announce
co-promotion of Desmopressin acetate hydrate orally disintegrating tablet

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. ("Ferring") and Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd. ("Kyowa Hakko Kirin") hereby announce that the companies have concluded an agreement for the co-promotion of Desmopressin acetate hydrate orally disintegrating tablet in Japan. The product was filed by Ferring for manufacturing and marketing approval for the indication of treatment of primary nocturnal euresis / bedwetting on April 26, 2011, and is being developed for the additional indication of treatment of central diabetes insipidus. After receiving manufacturing and marketing approval, Ferrring will be responsible for manufacturing, maintenance of the marketing authorization and promotion and Kyowa Hakko Kirin will be responsible for distribution and promotion.

Ferring and Kyowa Hakko Kirin will continue to co-promote existing products of "Desmopressin spray 10 Kyowa" for treatment of Primary Nocturnal Enuresis, "Desmopressin Intranasal 0.01% Kyowa" and "Desmopressin spray 2.5 Kyowa" for treatment of central diabetes insipidus, and "Desmopressin injection 4 Kyowa" for treatment of hemophilia A with factor 8 / von Willebrand disease.

Ferring and Kyowa Hakko Kirin are committed to further contribute to primary nocturnal euresis / bedwetting treatment in Japan through co-promotion activities.

About Desmopressin
Desmopressin is a synthetic analog of antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin), an artificial peptide consisting of 8 amino acids. The drug has a strong antidiuretic action that concentrates the urine and decreases urine output.

About Primary nocturnal euresis / bedwetting
Primary Nocturnal Enuresis / bedwetting is caused in association with miscellaneous factors including abnormal amount of urine produced at night, bladder capacity and sleeping patterns. Children over the age of 5-6 who have not become dry at night and continue to wet the bed at least several times a month are considered to suffer from Primary Nocturnal Euresis. It is said that 10% of 6-year olds, 5% of 10-year olds, and 2% of 16 year olds children are suffering from the disease.

About Central diabetes insipidus
Central Diabetes Insipidus (CDI) is caused by a lack or decrease in secretion of postpituitary antidiuretic hormone, and is characterized. The main symptoms are excessive urine production, excessive thirst and excessive water intake. CDI is classified into three categories according to its cause: 1) secondary by brain tumor, damage to hypothalamus or pituitary, 2) idiopathic and caused for unidentified factors, 3) hereditary and familial. According to the national survey conducted by MHL in 1999 shows the number of CDI patients as approximately 4,700.

About Ferring Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Toranomon 2-Chome Tower 10F 2-3-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
President: Mark Noggle
Scope of Business: Manufacturing, marketing and import / export of pharmaceutical drugs, etc.
Establishment: February 1, 2001
Paid-in Capital: 210M yen
Number of Employees: 64 (as of May 1, 2011)

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