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Drug Discovery & Development Process

In every step of the drug discovery and development process, we exploit all our technology and intelligence.

1 Drug Discovery Research 2 Screening and Optimization 3 Pre-clinical Research 4 Clinical Development 5 Translational Research 6 Production Technology Research 7 Production / Quality Assurance 8 Post-marketing drug development

1. Drug Discovery Research

We pursue new possibilities in research, including genes, proteins and other substances at the molecular and cellular level for the development of new pharmaceuticals based on new mechanisms.

2. Screening and Optimization

Using synthetic chemistry and biotechnology, we explore the "seeds" with hidden potential from diverse perspectives.

3. Pre-clinical Research

Evaluating the "seeds" of our research from every perspective, from their effectiveness to safety, we create valuable new drug candidates.

4. Clinical Development

At our development centers located in Japan, Europe, United States and Asia, we undertake clinical quality assurance to evaluate the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the guidelines of each country.

5. Translational Research

We estimate the effect in clinical practice of the “seeds” found in basic exploratory research in cooperation with research institutes inside and outside the company from the early stages to develop new pharmaceuticals.

6. Production Technology Research

We develop the process for efficiently producing and supplying high quality products based on the “seeds.” We also develop pharmaceutical formulation technologies in order to provide higher value-added products.

7. Production / Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the production and supply of products that meet global quality standards domestically and internationally, our two plants in Japan boast the latest in manufacturing technology and equipment and employ a quality assurance system that rigorously checks every step from pharmaceutical substances to products.

8. Post-marketing drug development

For approved pharmaceuticals as well, we work to make them even better by evaluating the risks and benefits, improving their formulations, and adding values through post-marketing research.

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