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Product Improvements

While striving to provide safe and high-quality pharmaceutical products, Kyowa Hakko Kirin is also trying to make them more convenient so that customers find them easier to take or use.

The following product improvements have been made to some of our products.

Developed drugs in formulations catering to the needs of a broader range of patients

For some drugs that had been offered in the conventional tablet formulation, we developed orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) and granular formulations. As ODTs dissolve in small amounts of saliva or water, they are expected to help drug administration in child and elderly patients with swallowing difficulties and patients with restricted water intake, as well as in circumstances where water is not available at hand. While conventional ODTs were said to be sensitive to moisture and break easily, the ODTs we developed have the same level of hardness as regular tablets, and yet dissolve quickly in the mouth.
With regard to the drugs developed in granular formulations, each granule is sweetened to help children take bitter drugs.

Downsized packages

We downsized the boxes in which drugs are packaged to save storage space.

Replaced glass bottles with plastic bottles

By changing the syrup bottles from glass to plastic, our products are now lighter, less easy to break, and easier to handle.

Adopted a slot for box lid flap

In the front panel of our pharmaceutical package boxes, a divider was inset to create a slot where the lid flap can be inserted. This aims at reducing the risk of box lids coming into contact with the products inside when the boxes are opened.

Changed box design from a two-piece structure to a one-piece structure

The two-piece box structure was changed to a one-piece structure, enabling the contents to be taken out in a single-step procedure of simply opening the box instead of the previous two-step procedure of opening the box and pulling out the inner box.

Perforated package boxes to make them easier to collapse

To facilitate disposal of package boxes, the back panel of boxes, in addition to their opening section, were perforated so that they can be folded easily.

Redesigned package to make it more distinguishable

We redesigned the packages and syringes for our NESP® intravenous plastic syringe (currently, NESP® injection plastic syringe) in order to make the specifications of the product easier to distinguish with the aim of preventing incorrect administration.
In the Japan Packaging Contest 2009 organized by the Japan Packaging Institute, the redesigned packages received the Optimal Packaging Award*. The good design has been passed on to the NESP® injection plastic syringe.

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