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Promotion of Workplace Health and Safety

The Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group’s management philosophy of “contributing to the health and well-being of people around the world” can only be achieved when all members of the Group make maximum use of their strength. We therefore believe that the sound development of a company depends upon the sound bodies and minds of its employees.

Initiatives for Healthy Body and Mind

Kyowa Hakko Kirin undertakes the following industrial health activities in compliance with the Guideline for the Maintenance and Promotion of Worker Health in the Workplace issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Our goal is to help employees maintain their mental and physical health by creating a comfortable work environment.

In May 2015, we announced the Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group Declaration of Health Promotion, pronouncing our goal to help each and every employee achieve a healthy, fulfilling and high-quality life. KHK Group Wellness Action 2020 was formulated to shape our policy on specific activities, under which health measures are implemented on four themes—lifestyle improvement, cancer prevention, coping with stress, and work-style reform—to help each employee maintain their health in top condition and work productively.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group Declaration of Health Promotion

The Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group declares it will promote the health of its employees with the aim of enhancing their lifelong quality of life.

While employees make spontaneous efforts to improve their own health, the Group aspires to promote its employees’ health from a preventive perspective, aiming for a higher level of health.

The Group implements measures to motivate each and every employee to take actions for improving their health, and to help them sustain such actions.

In February 2017, the Company was recognized as a 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500) for having met a prescribed standard in the Survey on Health and Productivity Management implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)

The Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program endeavors to highlight outstanding enterprises engaged in efforts to advance health and productivity management and thereby aims to organize an environment in which such enterprises are able to gain enhanced public recognition, e.g., from employees, employment seekers, related enterprises and financial institutions, as organizations engaging in strategic health and productivity management efforts for maintaining their employees’ health from a management perspective. Certifications under the program began in 2017.
The term “Health and Productivity Management” is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Besides, we have joined the KENKO Kigyo Kai, an organization composed of member companies striving to promote their employees’ health, with the aim of improving our workers’ health in cooperation with a host of other companies.

To address employees’ mental health issues, we assign industrial physicians versed in mental health care to provide face-to-face and other types of counseling services and training sessions. As preventive measures, stress checks and training program are available through external employee assistance programs (EAPs), as well as a consultation service center for face-to-face, phone and online guidance. Working closely with industrial physicians and industrial health staff, we also support employees afflicted with mental health issues by offering back-to-work programs and follow-up systems in order to prevent relapses and help them continue working.

Occupational Health and Safety

To prevent industrial accidents, the Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group conducts risk assessments at each business site as part of its daily production activities and prior to construction work. By employing external consultants in safety audits, we are trying to understand issues faced by plants from a multifaceted perspective for further improvements. Safety training is provided annually to newly appointed managers and safety management staff in order to promote safety awareness. Safety activities are checked through risk management programs and the annual safety audit, and the results are discussed by the Group CSR Committee to be reflected in the action policy for the following year.

In 2016, there was one accident that required time off from work across the plants and research laboratories of Kyowa Hakko Kirin, Kyowa Medex, Kyowa Hakko Bio and Kyowa Pharma Chemical. The accident frequency rate*1 was 0.19 and the accident severity rate*2 was 0.009. We strive to prevent recurrence by sharing across the Group case examples of accidents that required no time off from work and close calls.

Accident frequency rate: The number of fatal and lost time accidents per million working hours
Accident severity rate: The number of lost days per 1,000 working hours

Accident frequency rate*3

For the domestic plants and research laboratories of Kyowa Hakko Kirin, Kyowa Medex, Kyowa Hakko Bio and Kyowa Pharma Chemical.

Commendations for Health and Safety Practices

Kyowa Hakko Kirin’s Tokyo Research Park received the FY 2015 Encouragement Award presented by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for Excellent Plants, Organizations and Workers in Promotion of Health and Safety in recognition of its innovative ways of sharing and harnessing health and safety information, measures for promoting health in collaboration with the labor union and cafeteria service provider, and initiatives to maintain and improve the workplace environment at its laboratories. Kyowa Hakko Kirin’s Takasaki Plant received the FY 2015 Encouragement Award from the Gunma Labor Bureau Director for Health and Safety Activities in recognition of the plant’s excellent management standard of health and safety activities, as exemplified by the achievement of a Class 2 zero accident rate (9.3 million hours) on October 31, 2014.

We will continue implementing health and safety activities with a full commitment to helping our workers stay safe and in good shape, making our work environment even more comfortable, and preventing industrial accidents.

FY 2015 Encouragement Award presented by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
for Excellent Plants, Organizations and Workers in Promotion of Health and Safety
(left: commemorative plaque; right: award certificate)

FY 2015 Encouragement Award presented by the Gunma
Labor Bureau Director for Health and Safety Activities

Disaster Drills

In the event that an explosion or fire or a natural disaster such as an earthquake causes damage to one or more of our plants, the Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group’s rule is to establish a crisis management division or a large-scale disaster management division led by top management to engage in rescue operations and support the site’s restoration activities. Each plant has its own disaster response scheme and holds regular disaster drills to minimize the damage caused by a disaster.

Promotion of Safe Driving

Kyowa Hakko Kirin has a fleet of around 1,600 vehicles driven by sales representatives. To prevent accidents, we strive to promote safe driving using diverse approaches, including implementing measures to prevent risks and allocating effective resources for safe driving, in addition to raising safety awareness among drivers.

Rate of serious accidents for the past five years

Data aggregation method was partially changed.

In 2008, we introduced a safe driving training program in which the driving skills of primarily new employees are assessed on a five-point scale to help them enhance their driving techniques and safety awareness. To support inexperienced drivers, driving recorders are installed in their vehicles to analyze their driving, and safe driving guidance and manager education are offered by external consultants with the aim of preventing accidents. Furthermore, in 2014, we introduced the pre-crash safety system into all our vehicles.

See the following for details on replacement of sales vehicles with hybrid vehicles.
Replacing sales vehicles with hybrid vehicles

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